Client Overview & Challenge Presented:

CH2M was the prime contractor for the Portsmouth Bypass, a large highway Public Private Partnership (P3) project in Ohio. CH2M proactively sought to secure preventive compliance monitoring and reporting to ensure they were adhering to the DBE regulations. Their objective was to establish a culture of D&I, and to ensure that measures were being taken to hold themselves accountable. In addition, they understood the benefits of tracking and monitoring in time to avoid major compliance issues.

Our Approach / Solution:
  • Completed an analysis and review of vital documentation related to DBE compliance such as subcontracts, purchase orders, change orders, invoices, Commercially Useful Function reviews and participation.
  • Provided a tailored solution to monitor and track DBE participation and compliance.
  • Prepared comprehensive compliance and quality oversight reports for the review of an auditor, ensuring every detail was accounted for.
  • Provided thorough DBE oversight for project owners to ensure the project was progressing as required and that the contractor was abiding by the contract requirements.
  • Reported and addressed problems proactively, addressing any project red flags immediately so the project owner was never unaware and problems did not escalate.
  • Implement proper oversight to ensure the prime contractor’s reporting of Federal Regulations and DBE goal attainment.