The foundation of every successful diversity program is a commitment to compliance.


Whether you are a prime contractor or a public sector decision-maker, Essentia Strategy Group helps clients build sustainable diversity programs by successfully navigating local, state, and federal diversity regulatory requirements. Our full suite of diversity compliance services and dedicated compliance professionals offer clients the convenience, accessibility, and expertise that builds organizational compliance and successfully completes high-profile projects.

Essentia provides public and private clients diversity contract monitoring, commercially useful function (CUF) reviews, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code analysis, comprehensive reporting services, and a range of additional strategies to distinguish your organization or project as a diversity leader. Our primary objective is the ensured success of your organizational and project-specific diversity compliance goals.

What is diversity compliance?

What is diversity compliance?

Our Process


We work with public sector leaders and contractors to assess their organizational and project-specific local, state, and federal diversity regulations.


We consider organizational and industry best practices to develop winning strategies that form the foundation of the diversity compliance plan.


Using the information gathered during our assessment, we create a customized plan, which we tweak and refine based on your program’s evolution. Our team oversees the implementation of this plan throughout the organization and in the field.


We produce daily, weekly, monthly, and final reports, tracking progress in order to ensure organizational goal attainment. Throughout the process, we serve as your organization’s liaison to local, state, and federal officials.

Maintaining compliance starts with a plan.

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